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Welcome to Ag Brokers, Ltd., an agricultural real estate and business brokerage firm headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. We broker anything related to agriculture including farms, ranches, feedyards, packing plants, and any other type of agricultural business. We have contacts all over the country, so whether you are a buyer or a seller, please use Ag Brokers to represent you. We broker agriculture!

Tom Horton - Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker and Licensed Qualifying Broker in New Mexico.  Owner of Ag Brokers, Ltd., Tom brokers all properties but specializes in the sale of packing plants, meat processors, feedyards, and any type of ag business or land. Click here to learn more about Tom. Call 806.206.6431 anytime.

Dirk van Reenen - Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent and licensed Texas Auctioneer. Dirk is very knowledgeable in ranching and farming and has listings for sale in Texas.  Dirk auctions all real estate and can help you with selling or buying agricultural property. Click here to learn more about Dirk. Call him at 806.346.3583 and visit his website at

Steve Sykes - Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent who grew up in the ranching and horse business and is one of our experts in those businesses. Call Steve to list that ranch or equine facility or to have him represent you when you are ready to buy a ranch or horse property. Click here to learn more about Steve. Call him at 806.679.2645 anytime and visit his website at

Tanner Stevens - Licensed Texas Real Estate Agent that grew up in a Texas Panhandle ranching family and has a strong background in farming and ranching.  Also spent time with a local banking institution and has experience in business to go with production.  Good all around ag background in the local area and can help you with your property.  Call him at 806.584.9909 anytime. 

Eliza Knapp -Eliza is more than a real estate agent. She also has an MBA in web design. Her expertise in online marketing is what sets her apart from other agents. She will tailor the marketing of your property to help ensure a quick and profitable transaction. Call her at 817,918,7500 anytime.

Thanks for visiting our website, if you don’t find what you are looking for here just call us and we can find it for you.  Call 806.206.6431 anytime!