Welcome to Ag Brokers, Ltd., an agricultural real estate and business brokerage firm headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. We broker anything related to agriculture including farms, ranches, feedyards, packing plants, and any other type of agricultural business. We have contacts all over the country, so whether you are a buyer or a seller, please use Ag Brokers to represent you. We broker agriculture!


Broker Price Opinions on packing plants, meat processor, farmland operations, ranching operations, hunting or recreational land and other types of agricultural property.

Consultations on agricultural operations to determine feasibility and profitabilty including meat packers and processors, agricultural businesses or companies, and multi use ranches or farms.

Cost is estimated and agreed upon before starting work with acknowledgement that this can be adjusted afterward.

Ag Asset Group

Ag Asset Group, LLC was started in 2016 in order to provide professional oversight and management of agricultural properties for absentee owners.  Tom Horton and Steve Sykes have been involved with agriculture for over a combined 8 decades and bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to this business of oversight and management.  We welcome a time to discuss how we can help you.

Contact:  Tom Horton; 806.206.6431, tomh@agbrokersltd.com

Steve Sykes; 806.679.2645, sykesland@yahoo.com

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