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Steve Sykes

Born in 1953, and raised on a ranch 35 miles from town. After growing up there and helping as soon as we could be of help horseback, obtained Animal Science degree and was in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M University in 1975, then returned to our family ranching and farming operation. From then until 1993 I ranched with my family and for myself in NE Schleicher, Menard and Runnels Counties where we (family) operated approximately 35 sections of farm and ranch land. We had a cow/calf and stocker cattle operation, had rambouillet and Suffolk sheep, angora and Spanish goats, had approximately 20 Quarter Horse mares. We raised, used and competed with horses, as well as Border Collie dogs. Training horses and dogs was my passion and I worked as hard as I could to be the best I could be.

In 1993 I began performing petroleum land work and managing all the wildlife resource and hunting for 83,500 acres for another ranching family. I did this for three years both part time and full time.

In 1997 I returned to focusing my attention solely on petroleum and renewable energy land work as I moved my family to the Texas Panhandle because there was a lot more activity there than around Eldorado/San Angelo. I am still doing oil & gas and renewable energy work along with acquiring my real estate license January 2016. I have had my own Land Service Brokerage Company with several high profile clients and projects. The most notable was the 250,000 acres we leased for a client for what was going to the world’s largest wind project. Most of my time as a Landman, was spent examining title and buying leases. Therefore, my specialty is acquisition and divestiture or brokerage work. In 24 years I spent a considerable amount of time in all aspects of petroleum land work, including damage settlement, remediation, due diligence, and mineral acquisition as well. I am very excited about the opportunity to get back to selling and managing agricultural businesses, as I spent the first 40 years of my life involved in Ag. Business. I also broker mineral and working interest packages for sellers and/or buyers as well as broker ranches and farms for clients. I still keep and train a few horses as a hobby now, that used to be my passion and my living.

Have had a ton of support and help from Ann whom I married in 1976 and am still married to who gave us three wonderful kids that are all grown now. We have been extremely blessed and I am forever in her debt.

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