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Tom Horton

Tom Horton grew up in West Texas in a family that ranched, farmed and owned businesses. After graduating from Texas A&M in 1975 with a degree in Agricultural Economics, Tom served in the US Army before entering into the business world. He learned agricultural lending with several Production Credit Associations then moved to Chicago to trade in the Live Cattle pits hedging for feedyards and ranchers. Now living in Amarillo, Tom still performs risk management for feedyards, ranchers, and packers.

In 2004 Tom received his Texas Real Estate Salesman License and in 2007 he earned his Texas Real Estate Brokers license. That year Tom setup Ag Brokers, Ltd to list and sell agricultural businesses or companies. This is the main focus of Ag Brokers, to broker agriculture including farms, ranches, agricultural companies to include feedyards, meat packers and processors, and business that are auxiliary to farming and ranching, i.e. anything agricultural. 

Ag Brokers now has 3 agents in addition to Tom. Steve Sykes amd Dirk van Reenen, are from the ranching side of the industry and both are well versed in wind and solar land brokerage, mineral sales, and hunting/recreational sales and management. Eliza Knapp started in property investiment. She  She has an MBA in web design with an empahsis in online marketing. Ag Asset Group, LLC was started in 2016 to provide oversight management of agricultural land and businesses for absentee owners. Please contact us anytime so that we may help you in some way. Thank you.

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