Well known feedyard, farming, and trucking company for sale in the fertile Platte River valley in northeastern Colorado.  This company has three different feedyard locations along with irrigated farming in each location and the trucks to move cattle and grain to each location.  The headquarters has a newer Gearn feedmill to furnish feed to all of their feedyards and mill surplus feed to area yards and dairies.  The water here is big, irrigation style wells and either comes from closed basins, meaning there is no need for augmentation, or is already fully augmented and doesn’t need further addition.  Weather is temperate along this valley, and severely cold and wet conditions are not the norm.  Includes:


                        32,000 head capacity over three feedyards

                        60 mile separation from west yard to east yard, all along I-76 corridor

                        Pipe pens and concrete bunks and aprons

                        Two feedmills, flaker setup and dry roller

                        Access to brewers grain and ethanol byproducts both wet and dry

                        Inexpensive grain basis compared to southern feedyards

                        Good source of hay and roughage

                        Excellent, deep water

                        Ongoing business feeds beef and dairy cattle

                        Long term packer agreements in place

                        Beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains




                        The three feedyards have and will project to net $2,400,000 annually.

                        The Gearn feedmill stands on its own and will project to net $500,000

                        Trucking company is estimated to project to net $250,000

                        Farms are projecting to net $250,000 annually.


            Total estimated net income is expected to be $3,000,000 plus and these financials will be available for inspection during serious negotiations.  This performance projects a high return and quick payout on investment.


            The pricing is as follows:


                        Only two of the feedyards are for sale as the west most feedyard is already under option.  This feedyard (Hudson, 12,000 head capacity) and irrigated farms will be available for use by the new owner by lease arrangement until the ownership changes hands.  This leaves the headquarters yard at Wiggins (10,000 head capacity) and the east most yard at Brush (10,000 head capacity) for sale: 


                        $3,700,000 ($3.7 million) for 20,000 head feedyard capacity and all associated farm land and range land

                                    15,723 feet of bunk line (9.5 inches per head)

                                    165 acres of irrigated farmland

                                    480 acres of grass land

                                    1999 Gearn flaker mill at Wiggins and dry roller at Brush

                                    Concrete commodity bins at both yards

                                    Truck and cattle scales at both yards

                                    Farm water wells and feedyard wells at both yards

                                    Good retention ponds and dewatering at both yards

                                    Automatic waterers and computerized sprinklers at both yards

                                    Use of 12,000 head feedyard and 600 acre farm for a specified time


                        $4,000,000 ($4.0 million) for all farm equipment, all machinery related to farming or feedyards, all rolling stock for farming or feedyards, and all trucking company rolling stock.   Includes:

                                    7 feed trucks with Rotomixes

                                    7 John Deere front loaders

                                    7 John Deere tractors with cabs

                                    12 semi trucks, some new with sleepers

                                    7 center pivot sprinklers

                                    Multiple pickups, trailers, and other equipment too numerous to list here


                        $2,000,000 ($2.0 million) for permits, marketing agreements, and name rights.


            Total asking price:  $9,700,000 ($9.7 million), any inventory to be sold at market prices.


          With an expected net income of $3.0 million plus, this projects a payout of 3 – 4 years, and a return on investment of 25 – 33%!! 


            The purchase agreement can be setup with terms to fit the purchaser’s cash flow needs.  This can be 20% due at closing, with 5 to 10 year terms. Current owners will stay on as managers and will be paid a salary plus a percentage of profits annually.  This superb operation can be operated now and be paid in over time to ease the ownership requirements with the advantage of having experienced management on hand.  With this setup good for both beef cattle and dairy cattle, and corn prices much cheaper here this could be your low cost feedyard operation. This is a high return operation in a great agricultural area, so call now!


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