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Long time local killer and processor is now available.  Processing cattle, hogs, and deer, this plant can kill and process all species and it stays busy and contributes to the local and county shows, and sells product in state. Facility will cover about 7,200 square feet and is in good condition.  Facility has covered receiving pens that lead into a large slaughter floor with high ceilings.  Animals are stunned and hoisted onto a lower rail for bleed and quartered for hanging.  Two coolers for hanging the quarters then into the boning room.   Wrapped product is then stored in the large freezer for sale.

Good ground size of 3+ acres for expansion and plant is on municipal water and sewer.  Waste water is controlled by multiple back flow preventers and screens.  False ceiling in the processing building that can be removed for higher rails, or for smaller animals the rails are now at the right height.  Deer season brings good business to the plant as owner states he processed over 400 head of deer last year.  Two – three employees for normal season and then 10+ part time for deer season.  This is a profitable meat processor in a small town not far from Houston.  At approximately $62/SF for an operating plant this is priced to sell quickly.


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