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Hill Country Livestock Dealer and Multi-Species Processor

Longtime livestock dealer, farmer, and processor of all classes of animals and birds is for sale.  After 40+ years of serving the area in this 36-acre farm NW of Austin, TX, the owners are ready to turn this profitable business over to new owners. 

Think of the possibilities here as the owners introduce you to hundreds of new contacts who will sell you discounted animals and birds for your processing, and feed dealers will offer deals on feed for the animals.  Dozens of buyers come every day from Friday to Monday to purchase an animal for ritual processing for themselves or their family to enjoy for that main special meal together.  Locals will bring their animals to this facility for sale or processing as feed runs scarce on their farm.  This owner will take in underfed or malnourished animals and feed them back to health so they might be resold to new owners, or processed for healthy meats.

The owner is a custom processor of cows, sheep, goats, hogs, and poultry.  The public can come out on Friday through Monday for “pick and choose” where they are shown lambs, goats, birds of all classes, hogs or calves for sale.  Then they can take it home, or, have it slaughtered and further processed at the farm for an additional cost.  The buyers participate in their meals by choosing among healthy animals or birds, children get to come also and understand the process of what domestic animals provide to us for food.  This is a great setup for a family operation, or experienced livestock dealer, other farmers and ranchers, and meat industry types.

This complete farming, livestock and processing operation is exclusively listed with Ag Brokers, Ltd for $2,250,000 and includes the real estate, all equipment except personal vehicles, all barns, pens, livestock and birds on hand, the processing barn, and inventory of feed and ingredients.  A great profitable operation in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, and it is For Sale!   Please contact Tom Horton at 806.206.6431 or email for more information and to tour the facility.


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