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This is a US top 60 slaughter facility that kills cows and fat cattle.  Maximum kill is 450 head per single shift. Annual kill runs over 100,000 head per year.

This company sells to further processors, HRI, and grocery trade throughout the US and other countries. The main slaughter plant is 50,000+ square feet and that does not include freezer space in different locations.  The plant employs in excess of 100 and the employee base is solid.  Management will stay with new owners for one year, and then will be available afterward whenever needed.

In addition to the production of boneless beef product, the company owns a pet food division that sells to industry trade, and also performs BSE testing under government contract at another location. This adds to the bottom line and is a nice complement to its main business.

The sale of this company will include all of the real estate owned in the packing business, along with the pet food company.  This is a completely updated and compliant federally inspected facility with all USDA certifications.   Please contact me for pricing and information. 


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