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Newer beef slaughter facility that was built in 2011 and operated for several years before shutting down.  This facility has been taken care of and is ideal for a custom kill, game processing, and multi species slaughter and processing.  Located near Las Vegas, NM the sale price includes the old livestock sale barn and acreage.  With total square footage of 4,906 and about 6 acres for sale, this price works out to less than $250/sf which is a very good price.

The kill floor has high ceilings, a good knock box, and some high rails.  With the space here it would be easy enough to also install shorter rails for killing and hanging hogs, lambs, and goats.  The high rail can be used for cattle for eviscerating and hide pulling and the shorter rail could be used for the smaller animals for the same purpose.  Animals are trimmed and washed and put into the initial drip cooler for cooling.  Game animals can be caped on one of these rails and quartered, and moved directly into processing.

Coolers and processing have more space to move into, hang more carcasses and add more processing equipment for spices, cooking, smoking, etc.  A bigger vacuum packer would be helpful, grinders, etc.  Freezer is small but serviceable and could also be expanded.

This is a nice smaller meat packer that can be reinvented to process smaller animals and game to enhance the bottom line.  Priced at $1,200,000 a good price for a newer facility, and at less than $250/sf not considering the acreage and sale barn, this is priced to sell.

Plant is for sale by the owner, so please contact Tom Horton with Ag Brokers, Ltd in Amarillo, TX.


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