Lockney, Texas 79241, Lockney, Texas
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Recently remodeled and updated packing plant and processor in the Southern Texas Panhandle at Lockney, TX.  This plant sits on 1.485 acres and has approximately 5,000 square feet under refrigeration with a larger covered ante-mortem now feeding cattle into a calf catcher for slaughter of baby calves.  Calves are hoisted to the rails for further processing, move into coolers and then into a fabrication room.  Owners have recently added a 25×40 freezer for product storage and product moves out of 2 warehouse doors on the north for transport.  This plant used to kill cows and bulls and rails have been lowered to provide a lower processing base for the calves.  The door used for the original knock box is still intact so to kill large animals it looks like a new restrainer can be added and rails would need to be raised back to the original height.

The new design of the plant is for baby calves to walk through the smaller knock box door but this design also allows for the slaughter of lambs and goats.  And wild hogs or boars can be harvested in this design but a secure cage would need to be added for the knock.  This modern plant can easily kill and process 2,000 head of these smaller animals per week leading to 100,000 head annually.  There is room in the coolers and freezers for this production and the plant can pay for itself in one year plus with good management.

This plant has had new refrigeration and boilers added along with updating power grids and drainage.  The reworking of this facility led to a grant of inspection so this plant is now available to operate.



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