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Federally inspected packing plant for sale doing mostly custom kill and processing of cattle, hogs, lambs and goats.  This plant is cement block construction built in the mid 1980s and has been used as this packing plant since 2004.  Plant has approximately 4550 square feet with the kill floor, two coolers, two fabrication rooms, cold storage and freezers.  Some highlights:

Well water and septic updated in 2003.  Extended leach field 2015.

Kill floor: 20’x24’x 18.5’ high

Main Fabrication room: 15’8”x24’

Extra Fabrication room: 15’8”x16’

Walk-in Cooler #1 / hot box: 22’9”x17’ x 14’ high

Walk-in Cooler #2: 22’9”x19’9”   Coolers hang 40-50 head

Walk-in Cure Cooler #3: 9.5’x12’4”

Walk-in Freezer #1: 9.5’x12’9”

Room with smokehouse: 9.5’x12’4”

Currently 2-3 employees handling custom orders but this plant can be a cow kill only

Increasing staff to 4-8 employees could increase production and sales

Large dairy and beef feed lot are within the vicinity.

This packer/processor is profitable with nice net margins and sales can be increased with a faster turnover of animals.  One way to do that is to focus as a cow killer which would require more workers but can lead to a bigger production of beef.  Not much in the way of competition here and cattle can be pulled from a large area.

Priced at $900,000 this is about $200/sq ft for an operating and profitable USDA plant.  That is a good price and if kill capacity can be maximized then it is a very good price.  



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