Closed Transactions

North Texas Meat Processor

Kaufman, TX

A red brick building with stairs leading to the top.

Superb Small Packer near Dallas

Trenton, TX

A blue truck parked in front of a building.

Federally Inspected Packer in Arizona

Cochise, AZ

A fenced in area with cattle inside of it

East Texas Packer/Processor

Jewett, TX

A large building on top of a hill.

Mid major Packer in Texas

San Angelo, TX

An aerial view of a parking lot and some buildings.

Large lamb Processor in Texas

San Angelo, TX

A large field with several tents and buildings.

Arizona Plant

Cochise, AZ

A large building with a yellow door and red roof.

Mid-sized Cow Plant

Morton, TX

A lot of buildings that are in the dirt.

Small beef plant in NM

Las Vegas, NM

Coleman Foods Plant

Childress, TX

A dirt road with some cars parked on it

Deer Processor/Packer

Dublin, TX

A building with a car parked in front of it.

Frontier Meats Plant

Ft Worth, TX

Small Beef Packer

Childress, TX

A aerial view of an industrial area with buildings.

Various other packing plants and meat processors and too much land to list. Thank you, Tom


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