Meat Processing Property Listings

NIce Recent build Beef Packer Processor for Sale in South Texas
Property Type: Meat Processors Status: For Sale
Price: $8,950,000


This state-of-the-art brand-new facility in La Pryor, TX is a USDA Federally inspected plant, with a slaughter and fabrication rating of 150 head per shift. Brand new construction, adjoining administration building with 8 offices, kitchenette, Q.A. lab, separate bathrooms, large conference room, and reception area.  

Situated in an area surrounded by large ranches, numerous feedlots, and livestock auctions, this plant is perfectly positioned to cater to a wide range of meat requests. Built with new refrigeration systems designed to ensure the preservation of freshness and quality. Spanning across 29,075 square feet, this facility offers ample space for expanding operations. It is worth noting that although the plant operated for a short duration of 6 months, the federal stamp remains ACTIVE. Furthermore, its proximity to Gulf Coast shipping opens doors for potential export opportunities.

What makes this plant particularly enticing is its versatility in generating revenue through various means, including custom orders, boneless cuts, exports, and co-packing. Given its convenient location only an hour and a half away from San Antonio, it presents itself as a potential weekly destination for meat sales.

Here are some highlights:

 -Prime location right off HWY 57 and the intersection of HWY 83 North/ South.

 -Facility sits on 4 acres of fenced-in land.

 -Room for expansion within 29,075 square feet premises.

 -Active Federal stamp for import/ export potential, including Canada.

 -2 extra-large dry storage/ supply rooms currently used to store employee PPE and more.

 -Total square footage under refrigeration 14,912 square feet.

 -Height of ceiling in Harvest Floor area is 17'6", Height of ceiling in coolers is 17'6"

 -Height of Harvest Floor Rail 13'8", Height of Processing Rail 12'5"

 -Number of full half carcasses: 300

 -Freezer size: 40'X8'X9'6" hi

 -Municipal water and state of the art wastewater system

-Spray chill in hotboxes.

 -2 semi-truck loading docks and truck scales.

 -Fully equipped with box and combo scales, printers, saws, rail system,

 -Covered indoor corrals designed to hold 153 heads of cattle for humane handling        

 -Boiler with 180-degree heat exchangers.

-Employee rooms -including, eating area, kitchen setup, locker room, men and women bathrooms and showers.

-The owners took into consideration the lack of housing availability in the community and have provided affordable houses and apartments for the plant workforce within .5 miles of the facility


This grand, clean, and newer turn key operation is priced at $8,950,000 which is only $307/ square foot and is well below market for Federal plants. This facility should be on your radar, with the abundance of cattle in Texas, convenient location, and the price is right! Exclusively listed with Ag Brokers Ltd, the largest seller of packing plants and meat processors in the country. Contact Tom Horton, 806.206.6431 or


Exceptional Mid-Sized Beef Plant for Sale in Texas
Property Type: Meat Processors Status: For Sale
Price: $25,000,000

The plant is being reopened, and the price is up to $25 million now!

An almost new beef packer is now on the market. Located between the prime feedlots of the Texas Panhandle and the huge cow country to the south, this plant can slaughter and process both types and do so with plenty of room for trucks to bring in the live cattle and depart with the product. At 36,000+ SF and sitting on 23 acres, the plant is rated to kill 400 heads per day and process that many or more. Notably, this plant was finished for production in October 2022 and stopped production on February 1, 2023, a span of 4 months! The seller group has their reasons, but now they might start up again, and the plant manager is still available for new owners, so please contact me for your showing. Some highlights:

  • 36,000+ SF on 23 acres
  • Municipal water and wastewater go to lagoons
  • Agreement with the farmer to dewater the lagoon
  • The export was verified to China, and the application was made to Mexico
  • BRC audit scheduled for July
  • Federally Inspected
  • Carcass coolers hold 600 carcasses, including hot boxes
  • Refrigeration is Freon
  • Spray chill system
  • Pens hold 800 heads, with 600 heads undercover and on striated concrete
  • Kill floor: approximately 3,700 SF
  • Fabrication floor: approximately 6,000 SF
  • The plant had about 100 workers when it stopped, and they can probably be recalled

It is rare when a mid-sized beef plant comes on the market and is only rarely used. Sellers never reached the rating kill, and when you tour this plant, it looks brand new. This is an opportunity for ranchers, feedlot operators, meat companies, and other beef packers. Please do not contact the owners, all showings need to be arranged through Ag Brokers and Tom Horton.

At $25,000,000, that is $694 per SF, and that is still below the cost of construction for a new plant. Here is your opportunity to own a large new plant for below-market build costs. This plant is exclusively listed with Ag Brokers, Ltd., the largest seller of packing plants and meat processors in the country. If you want to export beef to China and/or Mexico, the applications have been approved. Please contact Tom Horton, at (806) 206-6431 or for more information or to set up your showing.

NE Oklahoma Federal Beef Plant for Sale
Property Type: Meat Processors Status: For Sale
Price: $8,000,000

In the productive cow region of Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas, this mid-sized beef plant is now for sale. A recently new built-in 2021, this cow packer is rated for 110 per day slaughter and processing, but production can be bigger with more hanging space. As with recent builds, this plant has good size, tall ceilings, newer equipment, and recent refrigeration. The kill floor is large and set up with space to increase production with more carcass cooler space. A large room was set aside for Kosher salting and soaking. At 22,500 square feet and sitting on 8 acres, this plant has more than adequate space to add more carcass coolers if desired.

Some highlights:

  • Kill floor, approx. 2,100 SF
  • Hotbox: approx. 1,872 SF
  • Carcass Coolers, approx. 1,400 SF
  • Fabrication: approx. 2,700 SF
  • Cold storage and freezer, approx. 4,300 SF
  • Water from the municipality
  • Wastewater switching to lagoons
  • Federally inspected

This cow packer is being run as a custom plant for local producers but also sells boneless products to further processors. The plant is available for new ownership, and there is a manager and a workforce available to that new owner if needed. I like this plant for its size, what it could be, and the location in big cow country. At 22,500 SF, this plant is priced at only $355 per SF, which, compared to the price of new builds, is a steal!! It is priced to sell! This is exclusively listed with Ag Brokers, Ltd., the largest seller of packing plants and meat processors in the country. Contact Tom Horton at (806) 206-6431 or, or Hannah Null at (806) 787-0352 or, for more information or showings.

Rocky Mountain Beef Plant and Processor for Sale
Property Type: Meat Processors Status: For Sale
Price: $1,400,000

27 Sale Barn Road, Las Vegas, NM, USA 

In the foothills of the Rockies in New Mexico, this modern beef plant is now available for purchase. This plant was built brand new in 2012, and only the second owner has it for sale now. This has been a federally inspected plant, and the kill floor is railed for modern production with pneumatic lifts, inspection stands, scales, and carcass washing. The only thing missing is a hide puller, but that can easily be added. With 5,115 SF on 6+ acres, there is room to expand or operate as a federal plant. Some highlights:

  • Hotbox for 12 head of cattle at 33*
  • Carcass cooler for 50 head of cattle at 34*
  • Additional carcass coolers for 50 heads are to be fitted out with rails and refrigeration
  • Fabrication with all the necessary equipment
  • Boxing and packaging room for shipping
  • On the kill floor, if you add a hide puller and some trim stands, this plant should kill and process 50–100 head of cows and/or fat cattle daily
  • Private water well for the plant, producing 80 GPM per the owner
  • Above-ground waste water tank holding 22,500 gallons
  • Septic tanks for human use
  • Located on Interstate 25 for north-south movement of beef and cattle, and a short trip south to Interstate 40 for east-west movement of the same,
  • This plant can operate at 50/day, 100/day, or more with expansion

This plant is priced at $440/SF, and the seller will reduce the price by up to $200,000 to allow for the new buyer to install a hide puller to reach production goals of 50+ heads per day. That reduction will bring the price to $400/SF, or $2,050,000, for a fairly new packing plant with modern equipment. Please contact the listing broker, Tom Horton, at (806) 206-6431 to learn of this great opportunity or email This plant is listed exclusively with Ag Brokers, Ltd, the largest seller of beef packers and meat processors in the country.

Northeast Texas Beef Packer/Processor for Sale
Property Type: Meat Processors Status: Sold
Price: $1,900,000

Great small-town packer with processor capabilities and a meat market attached. Located close to the Oklahoma border and with a good location on the main street, this plant can kill, process, and sell the meat in the meat market out front. This plant is operating as a customs facility and co-packer right now, but the new owner can expand next door and market their own branded meat.

Some highlights:

  • Federally inspected by the USDA
  • Kill floor, carcass coolers, fabrication area: 6,500 SF
  • Retail grocery store and meat market, 1,613 SF
  • Offices: 1,058 SF
  • Kitchen and Restaurant: 1,299 SF
  • Building across the alleyway with a walk-in freezer, dry storage, and hide house, 1,174 SF
  • Total Square Footage: 11,644

There is a unique opportunity in this business, as the plant has several ways to bring in income, but at $163/SF, it has the most value per square foot. The inspection area can be improved by adding rails and other kill equipment to increase production per day. The current kill floor can be repurposed into another full carcass cooler to match the one already there. That carcass cooler holds 60 heads of full carcasses. The kitchen and restaurant could be a profit center, and the offices are nicely appointed.

I like this plant for its possibilities and size, and this can be a great meat production business for the right owner who can expand the plant. The facility and real estate are exclusively listed with Ag Brokers, Ltd, the largest seller of meat packers and meat processors in the country. Call or email Tom Horton at (806) 206-6431 or for your showing.